Why Your Acura ILX Needs an Oil Change

Change motor oil on a regular basis for optimal engine performance and fuel economy on Santa Clara commutes. Lubrication helps lubricate and cool the engine to reduce wear-and-tear, as well as enhance fuel economy for greater Santa Clara commuting efficiency.

Your oil change schedule is recommended in your Acura owner’s manual. For more information, refer to this resource.

Why Your Acura ILX Needs An Oil Change

Changing the Oil and Filter

An oil change is one of the most essential maintenance services for an Acura ILX. This process includes draining out and replacing old oil, installing a new filter, and inspecting all other fluids in your car. An oil change also keeps the engine cool by eliminating harmful contaminants from building up inside, helping it run smoother for longer.

Motor oil provides vital lubrication to an engine, protecting moving parts such as pistons from coming into contact and causing damage, while simultaneously dissipating heat away from them, helping prevent overheating risks and keeping temperatures down. It also traps dust and debris particles before transporting them to filters for filtering out.

What type of oil you require for your ILX depends on a variety of factors. Most important among these is engine type. Additionally, other considerations could include climate, driving habits and age of vehicle as contributing elements.

Why Your Acura ILX Needs An Oil Change

Inspecting the Filter

Your Acura ILX’s filter is designed to keep dirt, soot, metal shavings and other debris out of its oil system, thereby decreasing the chance of internal breakage and incurring more costly repairs.

Filters must have the surface area necessary for effective operation; the larger its area, the more contaminants can be trapped by it. Also important is ensuring a good seal; Acura service technicians conduct comprehensive checks of their filters regularly to make sure there are no damage or signs of wear-and-tear.

They know how to properly install the new filter and tighten down the drain plug with special tools that make this task simpler and safer, spray cleaner around the oil pan before returning your vehicle, and spray cleaner around to ensure everything is sanitary before returning it to you. Most dealerships also provide a complimentary Multi-Point Inspection that tests fluid levels, tires, battery power and other components of your car; plus an on-board computer gathers information from driving habits as well as climate factors to determine when maintenance may be needed.

Why Your Acura ILX Needs An Oil Change

Inspecting the Oil Level

Engine oil is an integral component of your 2022 Acura ILX’s operation. It helps separate its parts, prevent damage from knocking and friction and cool all its components – as well as keeping your engine safe to drive!

To check oil level, open and prop open the hood, locate and pull out the dipstick, examine both sides to ensure it fits within marked areas and if needed add 1 quart and recheck.

If your engine oil isn’t regularly changed, its pistons could clatter against one another and lead to serious problems. Our service center’s technicians specialize in diagnosing your car’s needs and are skilled at getting the job done properly and on schedule – make an appointment online or contact us and our service experts are always more than happy to provide answers for any inquiries that arise! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Why Your Acura ILX Needs An Oil Change

Inspecting the Drain Plug

One of the fundamental services every vehicle requires is an oil change. This service helps keep engine components from coming in contact, decreasing friction, knocking and potential engine damage.

Your Acura ILX requires 3.7 quarts of oil for optimal operation. Routinely changing this fluid prevents pistons from welding themselves to the cylinder walls and promotes proper cooling of vital components in your vehicle.

Before you begin an oil change, a few essentials will be required of you: an oil filter replacement kit, a container for old oil to collect in and wrenches for tightening any nuts or bolts that might come loose during installation.

Locate the drain plug under your vehicle on the bottom of its engine and put a basin underneath to collect oil as it drains out, before unscrewing and unplugging it. Allow oil to fully drain for several minutes before replacing both plug and filter.

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