2020 Toyota Supra Oil Change Kit

2020 Toyota Supra Oil Change Kit

GR Supra’s engine is driven by a BMW-sourced 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder, offering 382 horsepower4 and 368 lb-ft of torque at your fingertips.

Oil changes on a GR Supra can be easy if you have all of the right tools and parts available to you – this kit provides everything needed.

2020 Toyota Supra Oil Change Kit

Product Description

The 2020 Toyota Supra Oil Change Kit is more BMW than Toyota with its B58 3.0-liter inline-six turbocharger and ZF eight-speed automatic transmission; yet its rear-wheel-drive missile possesses an unmistakably Toyota flair when lighting up its rear tires on tight corners or reaching for its 7000rpm redline.

But if you use your GR Supra like we do, its engine will require more frequent oil changes than is advised by its original equipment manufacturer (OEM). That is why we created this comprehensive oil change kit with high quality components that will help ensure its pristine condition is maintained.

RAVENOL USVO fully synthetic motor oil meets OEM 08880-WA010 and 08880- WA011 oil specifications for the 2020-2023 GR Supra 3.0L B58 gasoline engine. Additionally, this kit comes equipped with a magnetic drain plug and ECS Billet Aluminum Oil Filter Cap to protect filter threads from damage or round head issues – everything needed for successful oil changes!

2020 Toyota Supra Oil Change Kit

Installation Instructions

Increased use of upgraded stock and aftermarket turbo kits often leads to an increase in cylinder blow by, which may cause irreparable damage to an engine oil sump pump and pressurization of crankcase pressure which pushes out front and rear crank seals – this kit is intended to address these problems and avoid them occurring again.

Take care in maintaining the value and performance of your 2020 Toyota Supra Oil Change Kit with this vehicle specific kit designed specifically to change out its B58 engine oil and filter. A must have for anyone wanting to keep their car at its optimal performance level!

This kit provides high-quality engine oil, billet aluminum drain plug and an ECS Billet Aluminum Oil Filter Cap to protect threads of oil pan. In addition, all necessary tools for the job are included. Torco SR-5 SuperStreet 5W-30 Motor Oil is recommended as this choice provides better protection than factory OE oils which only suit conventional driving.

2020 Toyota Supra Oil Change Kit

Warranty Information

The2020 Toyota Supra Oil Change Kit is a BMW-tuned machine, using components such as its ZF eight-speed automatic transmission, electronically controlled limited-slip differential, and steering rack from this German maker. So it should come as no surprise that when driven aggressively on both roads or drag strips, this top-level track car generates tremendous heat.

High boost levels on a B58 engine can cause intake valves to become clogged with excess blow-by that doesn’t burn during combustion and builds up inside its crankcase, eventually slowing it down and leading to carbon build-up that eventually slows it further down. This situation becomes especially apparent at higher power levels where carbon build-up eventually makes itself felt in performance degradation of this powerful machine.

Mishimoto 2-Port Baffled Oil Catch Can can help minimize intake valve coking with its easy installation and no modifications required – mounting in line with your car’s CCV system it helps separate oil, fuel vapors, and moisture from entering your crankcase while protecting it against carbon build-up that could cause premature detonation. It includes all necessary hardware, hoses, and catch can for an effortless install that requires no modifications for proper functioning.

2020 Toyota Supra Oil Change Kit

Product Options

To keep your 2020 Supra running at its optimal performance, it is advisable to change its oil regularly. Doing this will protect the motor against damage while also helping it deliver maximum potential performance.

Titan Motorsports Drag Race Supra (first and only Supra to reach 8s in 1/4 mile). Industry-leading design features of this car include larger core volume oil capacity without impacting airflow into radiator, reduced pressure drop across system and inclusion of fuel rail kit for top feed port injection.

The Boost Logic turbo kit for the A90 Supra is designed to give you power gains and performance improvements you have been searching for. This kit allows you to select a Garrett or Precision turbo that meets your desired power level, along with support components that maintain this newfound power, such as high-flow water-to- air intercoolers and intake systems that maximize gains.

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