6.7 Powerstroke Oil Change Kit

A 6.7 powerstroke oil change kit is an indispensable part of maintaining an efficient truck. It includes high-grade motor oil and filter replacement as well as tools needed for draining and changing engine oil.

First generation 6.7L Power Strokes often experience issues. Turbo failure is often encountered, while EGT sensors may become defective resulting in check engine light warnings or limp mode being activated.

6.7 Powerstroke Oil Change Kit

Rotella T6 Heavy-Duty Diesel Motor Oil

Shell Rotella T6 Heavy-Duty Diesel Motor Oil is a high performance synthetic diesel oil designed to improve fuel economy while protecting high mileage engines. It provides superior wear protection from piston scuffing, combustion chamber deposits, valve train wear and oil consumption as well as cleaner internal engine components. In addition, this oil features superior cold cranking properties with pumpability down to -15 degrees Celsius for easier starting in cooler climates.

It is designed for use with Class 8 tractor/trailers, trucking fleets, construction sites, agriculture operations and public-transport operators vehicles as well as diesel pickup trucks. It meets API CK-4, SN and SM specifications and is compatible with exhaust emissions control systems.

This diesel oil employs Triple Protection Plus technology to shield against wear, deposits and oil breakdown, improving fuel economy performance. Furthermore, its reduced phosphorus levels help prevent catalytic converter damage; additionally it passes OEM wear tests and exceeds API CK-4 performance standards.

6.7 Powerstroke Oil Change Kit

Rotella T6 High-Mileage Diesel Motor Oil

Shell Rotella T6 is a fully synthetic diesel engine oil designed to meet API CK-4 and API SN standards, making it suitable for drivers who have accumulated thousands of miles on their trucks and cars. As it is designed as high mileage oil, this diesel motor oil offers protection from oxidation while helping prevent oil leakage – perfect for older engines that need thicker oil for protecting against sludge build-up. Shell Rotella T6 was tested under heavy demands from yellow taxis  of  New  York  City where its performance even reduced oil consumption significantly while remaining within budget!

This diesel motor oil stands out from others on the market by its three key features – oxidation resistance, shear stability and low-temperature flow. This makes it an excellent option for drivers seeking to  save  money  on  fuel  expenses  while prolonging the lifespan of their pickup truck.

6.7 Powerstroke Oil Change Kit

Rotella T6 High-Flow Diesel Motor Oil

Shell’s Rotella T6 full synthetic diesel motor oil offers excellent cold weather start and performance in high temperatures, plus features low levels of ash, sulphur, and phosphorus additives to reduce maintenance and protect the environment.

This oil boasts excellent oxidation resistance in API CK-4 tests, helping prevent acid build-up from harmful acid rain and providing superior shear stability and aeration control to enhance fuel economy performance.

It has a low ash and sulphur content to protect exhaust after-treatment devices from becoming blocked or poisoned and maintain vehicle emissions compliance as well as fuel efficiency.

The oil is designed specifically for four-stroke motorcycle engines and meets JASO MA rating. Unlike many other motor oils, this one doesn’t contain friction modifiers that could deteriorate wet clutches over time; its low cold pour point also makes starting your engine easier when starting up under freezing weather conditions.

6.7 Powerstroke Oil Change Kit

Rotella T6 High-Flow Diesel Oil Filter

This kit’s oil filter is specifically designed  to  catch  any  contaminants  that  could wreak havoc with your engine and protect it from overheating, as well as having a silicone anti-drainback valve to avoid dry starts. Furthermore, its high flow rate helps ensure that your truck receives all the oil it requires between changes.

This diesel oil features a low ash formulation to help protect DPF filters and EGR coolers and valves against clogging and deposits. Furthermore, its strong oxidation resistance meets API CK-4 standards.

This oil features an extremely low cold pour point compared to standard 15W-40 oils, so your truck will start more easily in frigid temperatures. Furthermore, its excellent oxidation resistance and superior wear protection make it a top pick for heavy-duty diesel trucks and equipment – plus its TBN of 35 provides additional engine protection against wear-related engine components. Plus its TBN of 35 helps combat acid formation; TBN measures an oil’s ability to neutralize harmful acids produced during combustion as well as neutralize combustion byproducts produced during combustion itself!

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